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Picky Pam at the Beach has received stellar reviews from clients, and is absolutely the best lice treatment option available today.  Why waste money on lice treatment products that don't deliver the results you deserve?  We invite those in the Orange County area to call us today, or learn more about our highly trusted services by browsing our website.

At Picky Pam at the Beach, we cater to clients in Huntington Beach, Long Beach, and the general Orange County area. Our staff of certified lice removal technicians are dedicated to providing safe head lice removal in a setting that is comfortable and relaxing.  While there are several head lice solutions on the market today, the results are typically less than satisfactory - and many of these products contain pesticides or other dangerous chemicals.  Many also require repeated, messy applications.

Why settle for less than exceptional results, or use chemicals on your child's head that could be dangerous?  Our Absolute Clear products are made of safe, natural ingredients that are extremely effective in ridding your child of lice once and for all.  We know that each infestation is different, and provide personalized treatment based on the needs of each of our clients.  The process is pain-free and simple, the results amazing.

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Picky Pam talks mutant lice to The Daily Pilot

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Home of the latest and most advanced technology in the fight against head lice and nits.  

They took care of my family quickly, kept my son under control, and gave me a thorough check before releasing me back into the wild.  I recommend them highly, and without reservation.  They're the nicest people you never want to have to see again. ;)

- Curtis, Huntington Beach CA

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Comprehensive information on lice and what to do when you find it.  

We are a staff of professional trained and certified lice removal technicians.  

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Super-strains of lice spread to 25 states.  California had 100% of tested lice were resistant to OTC treatments.                Find out more....

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