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Newport Beach Head Lice Treatment

approximately one to three hours, depending on hair length, level of infestation, and other factors. Our natural lice treatment can be performed at your home, or in our head lice salon. 

 Why rely on products containing pesticides that are messy, potentially dangerous, and ineffective on nits?  At Picky Pam at the Beach, we provide Newport Beach clients with non chemical head lice solutions you can trust to eradicate those pesky bugs, with services performed by certified technicians.  Contact us today at 714-960-8080 and schedule your appointment!

Picky Pam at the Beach provides Newport Beach residents with safe head lice solutions you can trust to get the job done.  Whether in our head lice salon or your home, we know most traditional prescription and OTC products designed to kill lice contain pesticides or other harsh ingredients.  This is not what you want to use on your child, or even yourself!  Our non chemical head lice treatment is quick, effective, and guaranteed.

We cater not only to individuals, but schools and camps as well.  The majority of clients who get head lice are children and teens, because of the fact they are in these environments so often - and the more people in an area, the greater the risk of a lice infestation.  Today, many lice are resistant to traditional treatments containing pesticides.  We use safe head lice removal procedures that are thorough and proven effective.  Our products are all natural, and contain ingredients lice find offensive.

If you are looking for a one treatment lice solution, we have a process that involves the use of heated air to effectively dehydrate nits.  Regardless of the procedure you choose,you will be free of those pesky, itchy bugs in