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If you're the parent of a child suffering from head lice in Long Beach, CA Picky Pam at the Beach offers non chemical head lice solutions that are truly effective.  Some people think that lice only spread in children who don't practice good hygiene, but this is absolutely not the case!  These pesky little bugs that cause relentless itching and embarrassment spread like wildfire in the classroom, at camp, anywhere there are lots of children or teens. All it takes is contact between heads, the sharing of brushes, combs, to spread lice! We offer safe head lice treatment using products that are safe, gentle, natural, and non-toxic. We have had the pleasure of speaking to several PTAs, and Parent Education Night at Freemont Elementary School.

Our technicians understand the embarrassment some children feel, and know that head lice shampoo or other products typically found on store shelves simply aren't effective.  Many contain pesticides and require several applications.  The mess, the wondering if you have eliminated the problem - is it worth it?  Our head lice solutions are proven to work, and comfortable for your child.  In addition to safe, effective shampoo that's based on natural enzymes, we provide a heated air treatment that uses heat combined with air volume to dry out nits. If you are looking for a one treatment lice solution, look no further.

While we've described a few of the ways head lice are spread above, there is also another common practice today that often results in the spread of lice.  Lots of children and teens have cell phones, and use them to take "selfies" with their friends, then they put their heads very close together to pick which one to post to Snap Chat or Instagram!  Considering heads touch in many of these photos, you can guess what happens - if one child or teen has head lice, the other kids in the selfie will likely become infested.  When you're wondering how to get rid of lice, all you need to do is come into our salon.  We are also happy to come into your home to provide our non chemical head lice treatment, as well as schools or camps who need checks performed on children or teens. (We treat lots of adults, too!).

It may seem like a stressful process to remove head lice, and it can be when you try to do it yourself at home using messy products containing pesticides.  What parent wants his or her child exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals?  At Picky Pam at the Beach, we give clients peace of mind knowing that head lice can be eliminated quickly using products that are natural and safe.  If you're looking for safe head lice removal in a relaxing, comfortable environment, we invite Long Beach, CA residents to give us a call today.  Your child or teen doesn't have to suffer, and you can put an end to those pesky, itching little buggers without the questionable results and hassle of doing it at home! 

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