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Costa Mesa Lice Removal Services

Head lice removal is a huge concern for Costa Mesa parents with a child who has been infested.  At Picky Pam at the Beach, we provide non chemical lice solutions that are gentle, contain no pesticides, and most importantly work!  We understand not only the embarrassment children and teens face when they contract these pesky little bugs, but the itching and irritation as well.  If you've tried head lice shampoo without much success or want to avoid the ineffective products sold at many retail stores today, we invite you to learn more about our services.  With the recent closing of Lice Control on Harbor Blvd., we are busier than ever!

Our head lice treatment involves the use of enzyme products made of natural, safe ingredients.  The thorough process used by our technicians ensures that lice and their nits are eliminated, so that your child can finally be rid of those nasty critters that cause relentless itching and can spread easily to other members of your household.  We also have a process that uses heat and air volume to dry out nits, effectively killing them on the spot.  Parents in search of a one treatment lice solution will be extremely satisfied with the results we provide. We have a wonderful follow-up shampoo that works!

Children or teens contract lice easily, particularly when they're at school, camp, or other places where lots of kids congregate. All it takes for the infestation to spread from one child or teen to another is ‘head to head contact’, the sharing of a brush, or sharing electronic devices. One practice you may not be aware of that spreads lice like wildfire is the taking of "selfies" with cell phones, as in many of these shots the teen’s heads are touching.  What’s worse, when they have to choose which photo to post on Instagram or Snap Chat, their heads are even closer!  Our safe head lice removal options will eradicate the problem once and for all.

Those in Costa Mesa in search of a process to remove head lice that doesn't involve potentially dangerous chemicals that require repeated applications can count on Picky Pam at the Beach for exceptional results.  We offer a variety of options for service; come into our salon or we will be happy to come to your home.  We also perform checks for head lice at area schools and camps, so give us a call today!  No more messy applications and disappointing results.  Our non chemical lice solutions work, so your child or teen and your family can get on with life and put the agony and embarrassment behind.  Give us a call today!